Terms and Conditions

1. Use of 1stNetUSA services by Subscriber serves as acceptance of the terms and conditions stated in this document. Subscribers agree to be bound by these terms whether signed or unsigned. Any subscriber who does not agree with these terms should immediately stop using the account and contact 1stNetUSA to cancel.

2. Subscribers agree to obey any applicable local, state, and/or federal laws pertaining to their Internet access and use of these services. The subscriber agrees not to use these services to conduct any activity which may violate these laws. Use of these services includes, but is not limited to: Web, FTP, Usenet, Internet Relay Chat (IRC), Gopher, Email, Telnet, and any other medium through which 1stNetUSA server(s) are used for the storing, distribution, and/or transmission of content or material.

3. Subscribers may be held legally liable for content and material located on their sites, including but not limited to: copyrighted, trademarked, patented, or other material used without the permission of the intellectual property rights holder; trade secret; pornography; obscene and/or defamatory content. Subscriber agrees not to violate any intellectual property rights.  It is the responsibility of the subscriber to make backups of all material posted on their websites.

4. 1stNetUSA reserves the right to limit and/or prohibit any content or material it deems inappropriate for the general audience.

5. 1stNetUSA reserves the right to prohibit, remove, and/or block access to any pages which primarily contain hyperlinks to content or material deemed inappropriate as defined herein.

6. 1stNetUSA reserves the right to prohibit, remove, and/or block access to any pages which primarily contain content or material which promotes or induces illegal activity.

7. 1stNetUSA does not support sending unsolicited bulk e-mail messages, or e-mail with offensive, obscene, derogatory content.

8. 1stNetUSA services are offered to:

9. 1stNetUSA accounts are defined as follows: 10. Password security is the responsibility of the individual user. Customers may not share passwords or accounts with others.

11. 1stNetUSA reserves the right to take appropriate action for any violation of these Terms and Conditions.

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